Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An email to Pastor Dr Martin Sempa

To a man who considers himself a champion in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa


Dr Ssempa

I cannot begin to tell you how frightening it is to know that someone like you is "fighting" HIV/AIDS with your bigotry and ignorance. I've just watched your hate filled approach here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo77w_71hA0 among other clips available to the equally ignorant. The downside for you is that people like me also have access to this trash and the passion take you on personally.

I note that you hate what homosexuals do in their own homes so intently that you just couldn't help but to research it, view it and display it. Come on now, admit that it turned you on just a little bit. Because if it hadn't, you wouldn't be so eager to tell everyone about it.

Did you masturbate over the "eating the poo-poo"? I bet you did. I bet you even wanted to try it yourself. You can tell me, it'll be our secret. Did you even have just a little taste of your own so that you could be the voice of authority when you spew your venom to the public? Or did you just decide to be a typical hypocrite of religion and make a stand about something you know nothing about?

You see, "Dr" Ssimpleton, not all homosexuals practice the act of "eating da poo-poo". In fact, if you had bothered to research anything other than the extreme pornography which you probably watch now as bedtime viewing, you'd have found that not only do most homosexuals NOT eat da poo poo, we despise the mere thought of it.

You speak so passionately about "God" and the position he takes on homosexuality. Did you know his favoured position was on his back with his knees to his chest to receive greater penetration? Oops! Sorry. I was actually referring to YOUR favoured position. Clearly you have taken it up the ass frequently to be so educated in gay sex.

Now, If homosexuality is so evil, why did the Christian church in the 1st and 2nd century A.D. perform same sex marriages? Do you also realise that Jesus spoke of sexual immorality among heterosexuals more so than homosexuals? Need you be reminded that heterosexuals also practice sodomy?

Can you REALLY, HONESTLY say that you have never done your wife or any other woman, man or animal in the ass? Can you honestly say you have never wanted to? Never been CURIOUS about it? I doubt it. If you say you haven't, you're a liar. And we all know "God" hates liars.

In your sermon you say "Jesus is alive and as we lift him up he will overcome every power of darkness." Well Dr Simpleton, when YOU speak on behalf of Jesus, we all see that it's really Satan who is alive. He is alive and speaking through you to spread hatred and ignorance.

Finally, can you tell me why, if HIV/AIDS is a gay homosexual phenomena, the infection rate in Africa is so prevalant in the heterosexual community?

May your soul burn in the eternal hell that is your own stupidity.

Kind regards

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